"Bliss with an Attitude" the Album is Here!

Bliss Hippy's first record in 20 years, "Bliss with an Attitude" is now available! Maureen and Richard teamed up with some amazing musicians, including the guitar stylings of Joe Dunlap and the solid rhythm of Tristan Dunlap on bass and Josh Goodridge on percussion. The album ranges from the spiritual and sublime with songs like "All that Really Matters" and a Hindu pooja/Christian gospel mix "Sri Ram Jai Ram" to down right irreverant "Drinkin with Jesus" and terribly silly "Dog Fur". (Warning: May lead to extreme happiness and sillyness and, in some rare case, may lead to a search for unicorns and rainbows.) Listen, purchase, and/or download! and consider watching our video advertisement featuring our multi-talented percussionist, Josh Goodridge.

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