Bliss Hippy's song writing is deceptively simple, childlike and often funny - yet at the same time surprisingly profound.
- Steve Cahill, Executive Director, Great American Song Contest

(Bliss Hippy's) music strikes the perfect balance between meaningful, socially conscious messages and hilarious commentaries on life
- Dan Rauchwerk, Lords of Liechtenstein, New York, NY
They just make you want to smile and roll around in the grass
- David Dearnley, Singer/Songwriter, Columbia, MO

Who is Bliss Hippy Anyway

Bliss Hippy is Richard and Maureen Hall, a folk duo based in the Missouri Ozarks. They are two-time winners of the Great American Song Contest, and two-time finalists. Richard and Maureen have been sharing their music for more than 30 years, touring from coast to coast, and releasing a number of albums. Their songs range from the sublime to silly; profound to down right irreverent, and everything in between. Mostly original, mostly in tune, and always fun!

Bare Bliss Released!!! 

Available for streaming everywhere! On April 1 (no fooling) Bliss Hippy releases its first Album in 10 years, Bare Bliss. The album includes a number of songs fans have been encouraging us to record and release for  years. The instrumentation is more minimal than previous albums, with Maureen and Richard doing most of the work. The noted exceptions are the amazing cello and piano of Michael Sebastian; our bass playing sound engineers, Wil Reeves, of CentroCellar studio in Columbia, MO, and Andy Bishop of Giraffe Studio in Hendersonville, NC.; and our grandson Logan Ours, who contributes a mean sax track on “Uncomfortable”.  

Bare Bliss Album Release and Benefit!!! 

Prepare yourselves for the Bliss Hippy event of the season. Bliss Hippy will be presenting a very special concert at the Ozark Actors Theatre in Rolla. This concert will celebrate the release of their first album in 10 years "Bare Bliss"! The majority of the proceeds will go to CASA of south central Missouri and the remainder to the Ozark Actors Theatre. We're especially stoked to be joined by lots of amazing musicians: Ranya Iqbal, a stellar Cellist from St. Louis; Dan Butz, bass player extraordinaire for Reverend Pearly Blue; the Reverend himself, John Pratt; the guitar whisperer, Joe Dunlap; as well as Richie (harmonica) and Luce (vocals) Myers. And it's particularly cool that our grandson, Logan Ours, will be joining us on some tunes featuring his saxophone, as well.

To add even more to this festive night, wine and beer will be available via the Public House Brewery and St. James Winery!

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