Bliss Hippy at Folk Alliance International

We had the most fun ever at the annual Folk Alliance International meeting in Kansas City last week. Clearly the highlight was six showcases we did, where we invited some of our favorite musicians to join us and they all said yes! We got to share show cases with Erin Inglish, The Matchsellers, R.J. Cowdery, Daniel Boling, Dan Weber, and ... drum roll ... Ellis, one of the best live performers in the universe. This picture is us with Ellis and me with the new hat Maureen got me in Kansas City. All of these musicians we got to play with are amazing players and songwriters and we would strongly encourage you to see any of them live at your earliest opportunity. It was truly inspiring to get to hear and share music with these people. We also did four other showcases on our own - 10 total in three days - lots of fun, little sleep. And we spent a lot of time in the room hosted by Access Film/Music, which is run by our good pal and great musician Chicago Mike Beck. We also met a new friend and entertaining performer, and all around nice guy, Dennis McDoNoUgh from New Jersey, and Lacy Hampton from Fayettivelle, AR. We saw a lot of other great music and met a lot of other cool people - too many to mention.

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