Final Day of West Coast Tour

Tour Update Day 39 (Final Day, August 18): We drove the 14 hours from Lyons to our home in Rolla, which we had not seen for 5 weeks. The next day we went immediately to the Little Piney River to visit the place we missed most and reflected on our magical tour experience, which was one of the most amazing things in either of our lives. We started out thinking it was about playing a lot of music in a lot of new places, which we did, but we came to realize it was much more about connecting with hearts. We played music with and shared the stage with the most talented and friendly musicians, stayed with beautiful people who opened their homes to us, played music on the street and even played with some very talented musicians who lived on the street, and connected with too many amazing people to count. We truly had the experience of a life time, and we can't wait to get back on the road again!

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