Song by Richard and Maureen Hall
Richard Hall: Guitar and Vocal
Maureen Hall: Vocals


Some folks believe in Jesus, some believe the south will rise again.
Some believe that human beings, come from Monkey’s screwing aliens.
Some folks believe in hope, some believe in fear
People ask me, what do I believe? I believe in beer

I say glory hallelujah, can I get an amen
I believe in beer, it’ the original sin,
In this world gone wild and crazy, one thing is clear
I don’t believe in much, but I believe in beer

Maybe I should try meditation, maybe I should get some exercise,
Maybe I should just drink a beer, and will be just fine
Philosophers can argue philosophy, meaning of life, why we’re here
But it don’t matter to me, I believe in beer.

(bridge) (sung to music of kumbaya)
Come by here my lord, come by here, Bring some beer my lord, please bring some beer
Come by here my lord, come by here, oh lord please bring some beer