Song by Richard and Maureen Hall
Richard Hall: Guitar and Vocals
Maureen Hall: Vocals


Don’t Last Long (Richard and Maureen Hall)
Some lives are simple, some lives are humble, and some lives are mighty and strong
Some lives are peaceful, some lives are painful, most lives don’t last long

No it don’t last long, like a rainbow, it don’t last long, like a winter’s day
So soon it’s gone, like the melting snow, I will live my life today,
before it all slips away

The river keeps flowing, you know where it’s going, so there ain’t no use hanging on
Just flow with the river and always remember to live your life before you're gone


Some lives end suddenly, some lives end slowly, all lives end anyway
When my heart stops pumpin, I don’t know what’s comin, but I know I’m alive here today