1. Normal

Song by Richard and Maureen Hall
Richard Hall: Guitar and Vocals
Maureen Hall: Psaltry and Vocals


Last light, setting sun, reflecting, dancing on the barrel of the gun
In my hands, in my hands.

Ardennes forest, 1944, they said the Germans are done, they can’t fight no more
Well they can, yes they can
So I dig another fox hole, and dream about my sweet heart’s kiss,
Wondering what my life would be, if I live, but there ain’t much chance of getting out of this

12 men in a squad, 10 men died, only him and old Pope left alive,
I wonder why, did I survive
Just a small town boy, come from Normal Illinois,
Just trying to find some meaning, make some sense, cause there ain’t nothin’ normal about this

God and Country and All that Stuff
More than enough to rile a young boy up
I wasn’t drafted, I just signed up

All the girls loved me, and the boys stepped aside
My country cheered, and my mama cried
I became a man, a real man

(repeat pre-chorus)

Ol Pope killed a deer, we can finally eat,
Even found some whiskey, we can finally sleep,
A last supper, fit for a king

I think about war, I wonder if it’s fair
I drinks a little whisky, and just don’t care
it don’t matter when you’re already there

Morning comes, Germans gone, me and old Pope, finally going home
And I marries that girl, this small town boy, and we lived our lives in Normal Illinois
Normal Illinois

I’m 90 years old, she just died, same old question weighing on his mind
I wonder why, did I survive, I wonder why am I still alive