1. Land of Love
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Land of Love

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by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals and Guitar
Maureen Hall: Vocals


Mama and a baby, seeking safety, from the cold
Cross the seas, and mountain passes, these huddled masses, search for a home.

You are not abandoned, on the rock she’s standin', for liberty
Still her flame is burnin', for all those yearnin', to breathe free

From sea to shining sea, from the earth to the sky above
Welcome to the land of the free, a land of love

All colors, all religions, from every nation, we are one
For the poor, and hurt, and broken, our hearts are open, and filled with love


When the cold wind blows, and the hard rain falls,
When the small minds close, and they build their walls
She remains through it all, Just the same, standing tall
While the Tyrants and their might walls, they rot and break and crumble and fall … away

Moma and Baby sleepin', sweetly dreamin', of a land of hope
You are not forsaken, we will awaken, welcome home