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God's for Everybody (Bliss with an Attitude)

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written by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Jaw Harp
Maureen Hall: Vocals & Fiddle
Joe Dunlap: Vocals & Electric Guitar
Tristan Dunlap: Electric Bass
Josh Goodridge: Djembe
Luce Myers: Vocals
Richie Myers: Harmonica


Preacher preachin’ at me, waving bibles in my face.
Saying I’m going straight to hell, if I don’t change my wicked ways
Says God don’t care for my kind, no not one bit.
My immortal soul, he says, in a world of trouble.

I don’t know nothing, I said, that much is true.
But I’m pretty sure, I can say the same thing about you.
You’re just speculating, about the ways things should be.
I got my own thoughts, here’s what I believe.

God’s for the sinners and God’s for the saints.
God’s for believers, and even those that ain’t.
Gods for the Muslims, Buddhists, and Jews.
God’s for everybody, God ain’t just for you.

God’s in your favor, no matter how you look.
God’s in your heart, not in some special book.
God’s for the creatures who creep and they crawl.
God’s for the planet, he made it after all.

God’s for the straight folks, Gods for the Gays
Else, why the hell would he make them that way.
God don’t care who you’re for, he’s for you anyway,
That’s the reason I’m inclined to say


God’s for the hippies and God’s for rednecks,
God’s for baby boomers and Generation X.
God’s for the losers and winners of the game.
In God’s eyes we all look the same.

There ain’t no country that God likes the best,
Don’t matter how much you holler and beat on you chest,
God don’t give a damn who you kill in your wars,
God’s for peace and loving, that’s one thing for sure.