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Road Kill Blues (Sidiosynchrasies and Hallucinations)

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written by Bob Cunningham, Lisa Ours, Victoria Cunningham, Angel Cunningham, and Maureen Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Richie Myers: Harmonica
Greg Spillman: Electric Bass
Blake Travis: Congas


Oh Mr. Possum, Walkin’ down the road
Goin’ to see his woman, and smiling as he goes
His lady lives, on the other side
He’s gotta cross the road, and he’s a feared for his life
He’s got the road kill blues, right down to his little possum shoes

He’s lookin’ to the left, he’s lookin’ to the right,
He looks left again, then he runs with all his might
He sees his woman on the other side
That little possum gets run down by a semi
He’s got the road kills blues
Right down to his little possum shoes

The funeral was held, the following evening
Attended by more possums than man had ever seen
Little possum woman crying out her beady eyes
She’s just too sad to go out with other guys
She’s got the road kill blues, right down to her little possum shoes

Ten years she lamented, then on a cold November night
She was out on that same road and relived that awful sight
She thought she saw her lover comin’ cross the road
She went half way to meet him, or so the story goes
There ain’t no more road kill blues
She’s flat, right down to her little possum shoes

The morale of the story, is two fold
Don’t fall in love with a possum
And if you do, stay out of the road