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Ice Cube's Chance in Hell (Sidiosynchrasies and Hallucinations)

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written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Richard Hall: Vocals and Electric Guitar


Floating on an ocean of desire and need, lost in fog and blinded by the haze.
Maybe we’re an impossible dream, but let me sleep for just another day.
I’ve never felt a hunger so great.

In your eyes, I see moonlight dancing like fireflies,
I hear the distant river, the ocean in a shell.
I know you’re talking, a heartbeat drowns out the sound.
It’s probably just as well, something about a ice cube’s chance in hell

Riding a whirlwind of passion and pain, drawn by your heart into the flame
I can’t stop these feelings, like I can’t stop the rain. I feel so close by you’re so far away.
I live to hear those words you’ll never say.


I never felt so helpless, I never fell so hard.
Fantasy, wishing on a star.
I know you’ll walk with me, in another life.
But just for now, won’t you let me, dream with you tonight.