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Life (explicit lyrics) (Sidiosynchrasies and Hallucinations)

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written by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Maureen Hall: Acoustic Guitar
Rebecca Logan: Flute
Greg Spillman: Electric Bass


Floating safely in the womb Peaceful,
quiet, little room
All you need, all your food Delivered
through a windy tube
It starts to move, you hear a sound Serious
shit is going down
Hanging on for dear life, freezing cold, blinding light
Staring at some guy in a mask, Turns you over and slaps your ass
Oh no, they cut the tube, You come into life singing the blues

Life gets better bit by bit You start to get the hang of it
Just a moan, a practiced cry. Mom and Dad there by your side
No worry about anything, Just eat, sleep, shit, and dream
Just when life is getting cool They tell you it's time to go to school
You learn about rules, learn the word no, Learn what it means to be in trouble
Those early days of bliss are through. Go
through childhood singing the blues

Adolescence comes on quick Hits you in the head like a cement brick
Voice is changing, hair is growing Pimples
popping, hormones flowing
Parents and teachers are so naive Only
you and your friends can truly see
Girls you used to bug and tease You
start to chase like a dog in heat
They turn you down, break your heart Everyone's
so stupid, and you're so smart
Your mind is spinning, the world's confused Adolescents, they sing the blues

Growing old, life starts to fade Losing
hair, gaining age
Finally leave home and school No
parents, teachers, or stupid rules
Just when you think you've reached the top, You have to go out and get a job
Money and bills, barely squeaking by Day
to day, nine to five
Retirement comes, but by that time You've
lost your body and lost your mind
As you come into the world, you leave it too Go out of life singing the blues