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Ginny's Song (Tao of Bliss)

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Written by Maureen & Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Keyboards
Richard Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Wil Reeves: Bowed Acoustic Bass


Where are you now, where have you gone, where’s my faithful friend
Why have you left me and taken the permanent flight?
What is the point, what is the truth, why’s it have to end
Sunny and beautiful colors have faded to white
Sometimes when I get quiet inside I can hear your words
Tumbling through me like i was your marionette
Then at those time, when you’re with me, fleeting like the birds
Your wisdom flows through me, compassion I’ll never forget

Life is a river, that flows to the sea, entangled and withered, till enlightened and free

Now it is fall, now there’s less pain, now there’s even hope
I might find a way to survive
What is this death, you are still here, helping me to cope
Though there’s no body, I feel you’re intensely alive
I feel you here, I feel you laugh, death’s not what we think
Only the slight of the hand of a mystical God
Maybe a smile, maybe a pat, maybe just a wink
From the celestial eye still it seems very odd

(repeat chorus)

Now that I see, now that I trust, knowing you’re not dead
Now you’re beside me whenever I need you to be
How can I miss one who is gone but only in my head
Don’t have to figure it out, I can just let it be

(repeat chorus)