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Pour Out Your Love (Buddha Face)

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written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Richard Hall: Vocals
Erika May Randolph: Flute


When you come to a bump in the road,
You know you’re carrying a heavy load
You know your challenge is to not explode when you hate it, You just hate it
And when you come to the end of the day,
You can put all your cares away
Take your guitar and just sit down and play,
You can hear it, You can hear it

Pour out your heart, Pour out your love,
Pour out the dark, Pour out the enough
to Pick up the light, Pick up that sudden wild exchange
Pour out your love, Pour out your heart,
Choosing the choice, to live life as art
Doing your best, Picking your part,
What a lovely life this has been (2x)

Here’s the thing, Oh my life is a mess,
If this was school I would be failing the test
If this was heaven I’d be picking up pavement of gold
(But I wonder if) Maybe it’s something you just have to let go,
Maybe its here and now and watching the show
Maybe its dancing on the wind where it blows,
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

(repeat chorus)

Maybe there’s nothing to hold on to,
Maybe it’s really not all bad
You know it’s mostly an illusion,
Sometimes it makes you happy,
Sometimes it make you sad

(repeat chorus)