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Can't Wait (Buddha Face)

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by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Maureen Hall: Vocals


Get out of my way, I ain’t got time,
stressing and obsessing in my mind,
Way too much for a soul to bare,
gonna do nothin’ gonna go nowhere

(chorus 1)
Just can’t wait, to meditate,
gonna' be great, gonna' reach that higher state,
Gonna' be fun, we’ll be one,
just can’t wait to meditate.

I lost my way, It’s out of control,
this crazy old mind is running the show.
fussin’ and whinin’ all the time,
won’t shut up, never satisfied

(chorus 2)
Just can’t wait, to meditate,
Gonna be fine, gonna watch my mind,
You know I’m gonna, reach nirvana,
just can’t wait to meditate

Sittin' on the cushion, closing my eyes,
no more distractions, just peace and quiet
But it just ain’t happening, cause in my mind,
it’s world war three, it’s fourth of july

(chorus 3)
Just can’t wait to meditate,
going to be great, going to levitate
Time will pass, sittin’ on my ass,
just can’t wait to meditate