California Bliss Tour 2016!!!

Bliss Hippy is headed back to California! As a special treat, 16 year old grandaughter Alia has agreed to ride along, take care of the old folks, and explore opportunities for an aspiring sound engineer on the West Coast. While we love our Ozark home, we must admit California is a Bliss Hippy favorite, and this trip should be especially fun, loaded with house concerts, song-writers show cases, and even a Bliss Hippy meditation retreat. All of this will take place in some of the most beautiful spots on the planet, with some of the coolest people and most dedicated Bliss Heads. If you're near by, stop in and say hi; if you know people near by, let them know; and if you've been wanting a road trip to California, this would be the time. Hippy Peace and California Bliss to all.

California Bliss 2016 Tour


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