1. When God Farts
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When God Farts

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by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Maureen Hall: Fiddle


Grandchild sit down on my knee, said Grandpa got a question been troublin’ me
When God Farts, does it stink?, I said, well, I don’t know, I’ll tell you what I think

When Jesus farts, in the wind, the word of God comes out his bottom end,
And we’re all forgiven for our sins, when Jesus farts in the wind

When Mohammad farts, in the sky, all them martyrs and heathens must die
But they're met by real purty girls on the other side, when Mohammad farts in the sky

When Buddha farts, we all fart too, just one big ol’ fart connects me to you
So let’s all hold hands and smell the truth, when Buddha farts, we all fart too

When Atheists fart, they’ll deny it’s true, they don’t believe in farts, they’ll blame it on you,
But in their hearts, they smell it too, when Atheists fart, they’ll blame it on you

Said, Granpa now I think I understand, when I fart, it smells just like them
Cause we’re all God, in the end, like Jesus fartin’ in the wind