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Drinking with Jesus (explicit lyrics) (Bliss with an Attitude)

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written by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Maureen Hall: Vocals & Fiddle
Joe Dunlap: Electric Guitar
Tristan Dunlap: Electric Bass
Josh Goodridge: Djembe


I walked into that bar room on that dark and fateful night.
He was sitting in the corner bathed in a halo of light.
His blood shot eyes were drooping his head was bowing down.
Couldn’t tell if he was praying or passing out.

He said his name was Jesus, I said you don’t say,
I would not think the son of man would be so shit faced.
He said I ain’t that Jesus, you dumb asshole.
I ain’t the son of man, I’m the son of Joe a
plumber from Toledo.

Oh, oh, drinking with Jesus, oh, the stories he can tell.
Bourbon and Bibles redeem us, saving sinners asses and raising Hell

He said, it ain’t easy being Jesus, no matter what you hear.
All the drunks want me to change water to whiskey and beer.
All the women, they want me to absolve them of their sin.
I say I ain’t that Jesus and you ain’t no Mary Magdoline.

Although it may be true, I been drinking all day
I ain’t even caught a buzz and sure ain’t shit faced.
I been drinkin forever, no matter what you think
One thing’s for certain, Jesus can drink … Jesus can drink


He said, I know what you’re after, I can see it in you.
You want some answers, you want to know the truth.
I got what you seek, boy, so sit your ass down.
I’ll preach you my sermon, my sermon on the mount.

Blessed are the drunkards, the cold, and hard and hurt.
Blessed are the gentle ones, they’ll inherit this whole earth.
Blessed are the peacemakers, so war can end at last.
Love your neighbor like your own sweet ass … Love your neighbor like your own sweet ass


When he was done preaching, we burned one in the back alley
In between hits, Jesus said one last thing to me.
He said, ain’t nobody perfect, don’t go casting no stones.
Do the best you can, let the rest go … do the best you can let the rest go.

Oh, Oh, Smoking with Jesus …
Reefer and Bibles redeem us …
Raising Hell, Raising Hell, Raising Hell