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Shri Ram Jai Ram (Bliss with an Attitude)

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Traditional Hindu Puja, other lyrics and music by Maureen and Richard Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals
Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
DeWayne Price: Vocals & Banjo
Carolyn Price: Vocals & Acoustic Bass
Joe Dunlap: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram, Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram
Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram

Hallelujah praise your name, hallelujah praise your name
I was a sinner, now I am saved, hallelujah, praise your name
(Bridge X 2)
Seeta Ram, Seeta Ram, Jay Jay Seeta Ram
Seeta Ram, Jay Jay, Seeta Ram

(Repeat English Verse)

(Repeat Sanskrit Verse)

(English and Sanskrit Verses)

... hallelujah, praise your name