From the album Bliss with an Attitude

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Showers of Golden Grace (Bliss with an Attitude)

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written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Richard Hall: Vocals
Joe Dunlap: Acoustic Guitar
Peter Price: Bowed Acoustic Bass


Light as a feather like dust in the air, Love in our hearts, and the wind in our hair
Feeling the freedom of change that just cannot fail
Swimming with seahorses, Painting our nails, Seeing the Sacred in faces of snails
Feeling embraced, By the nurturing grace, of the rain, wind, hail

(chorus 1)
Dancing and spinning thru sequins and & swirls, Feeling the festive young spirit of girls
Lighthearted, innocent, playful, glee
Hearing each other & playing our part, Freeing the animal trapped in our heart
Showers of golden grace, are a gift from me

I can’t explain, but when its all over, you don’t feel the shame, as much as the lover
Though things aren’t the same, in its own special way, it’s a mystery
Looking back now, I see how things might have been, Still through it all, I’d do it all once again
Seeing the places, The looks on your faces, the memories

(chorus 2)
As I look at my life, Just one out of billions and each one is meant to be
Stumbling through it the best we can
Words won’t suffice, so we’ll talk when you get here for now just remember please
Showers of golden grace are a gift from me