From the album Bliss with an Attitude

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My Best Friend (Bliss with an Attitude)

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written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Joe Dunlap: Electric Guitar
Logan Ours: Saxophone
Tristan Dunlap: Electric Bass
Josh Goodridge: Djembe


You’re coming home, I can’t stand it, I can hardly wait to see you again
You’re my honey, my baby, my lover you’re my best friend
Yeah I know, When I see you, Its gonna come back to be all in a flood
All my wishes & dreams of being embraced in your love

Yeah I went for a walk in the forest, Just Breathing in the fresh spring air
I even sat down by the riverside, It always feels good down there
I came back to the house and made a pot of tea, & I lay down on the floor
I was trying to imagine, Your sweet face at my door


Well I’m going through the motions, Getting thru the time while you are away
But nothing has that spirit of fun, like you, You really know how to play
When you’re here, the river’s wetter, When your gone my life is parched and dry
When you’re here, the pizza’s better, You’re my guy