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Broken Angel (Tao of Bliss)

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by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals, Guitar, & Harmonica
Maureen Hall: Vocals & Keyboard


Little girls, in perfect worlds,
sugar and spice, and all that’s nice
someone to love you every day
But the only one who held you tight,
was the one who haunts your dreams at night,
and makes you want to fly away

Fly away broken angel, into these loving arms
I will fix you, protect you from harm

I saw the light in your eyes,
I saw the pain deep inside
I fell in love that day,
when I saw you fly away

(repeat chorus)

I know that you will always feel,
wounds so deep don’t never heal,
But you and I, we’re living for today
Life moves on no matter what we do,
as I grow more in love with you.
and together we will fly away

(repeat chorus) x 2