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Steam Train (Tao of Bliss)

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Written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Richard Hall: Vocals and Banjo
Joe Dunlap: Electric Bass & Guitar
Luce Myers: Vocals
Josh Goodridge: Percussion
Richie Myers: Harmonica


Oh….. Not again, Not the steam train,
The ghost of the dusty old six forty nine
Fly ... again down the railway,
Gentlemen and ladies all riding inside

Six forty nine she makes a water stop, Down at the banks of River Time
And each night, The bandits climb inside
They take their money and they take their gold,
They take what can not be denied
Hear the blood curdling screams and the bullets fly

(repeat chorus)

Six forty nine she’s in some awful trouble,
The fear and terror still alive,
A Ghostly echo, Where all her passengers died
Now once a month and on the dark of the moon
Six forty nine she shifts in time
First like a shadow, Then like a train in real life

(repeat chorus)