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Long Blue Mile (Tao of Bliss)

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Written by Maureen and Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Richard Hall: Vocals
Joe Dunlap: Electric Bass & Guitar
Josh Goodridge: Djembe
Richie Myers: Harmonica
Luce Myers: Vocals


I’m coming up empty, There ain’t no good way around
I’m flailing and thrashing, Fighting and crashing, Hitting the ground
You’re shining like lightning, You are thundering rain
I’m caught in your crossfire, feeling the struggle, the love and the pain

You’ve taken the short way into my life, You made me love you
You’ve taken the short way into my life,
you know I need you
You’ve taken the short way, Baby
You’ve taken the short way, Darlin
You’ve taken the short way, Right now I need you
we’re walkin this long blue mile
Walkin this long blue mile

You don’t have it together – Either, The blind leading the blind
But if we lean on each other – Maybe a good way we might find
When you’re with me I’m singing Oh
Happy Days, When we’re together we’re fine
When you dance with me Darlin, Our ecstasy swirlin like rainbow wine

(repeat chorus)