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May I Be Famous (Tao of Bliss)

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Written by Richard and Maureen Hall

Richard Hall: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Maureen Hall: Vocals, Fiddle, & Bells
Wil Reeves: Acoustic Bass


Them stars are a twinkling, sparkling in my head,
Lord let me write a hit song some day before I’m dead
And then you’ll see, how happy I will be
I wrote so very many songs,
some of them short, some of them long,
some of them silly and some of them sweet,
still ain’t nobody ever heard of me
So you see, why I say poor, poor, me

May I be famous, my name up in lights,
Won’t you help me Jesus, some day before I die
Cause I’m just your humble servant, who works so awfully hard
I’m just a poor country boy, who needs to be a star

Just one of them golden records, one grammy award,
one million dollar contract, just one arena tour
and then you’ll see, how happy I will be
The critics will adore me, shower me with praise,
women will love me, throw their panties up on stage
I’ll no longer be, poor poor me

(repeat chorus)

Overwhelmed by fame, mobbed by crazy fans,
Get hooked on cocaine, spend time in rehab
Once again I’ll be, poor, poor me
But them fans will feel real bad, beg me to return,
I’ll make my comeback, one last arena tour
Once again I’ll be, happy happy me.

(repeat chorus)