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Spider Song (Tao of Bliss)

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Written by Maureen & Richard Hall

Maureen Hall: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Richard Hall: Vocals & Jaw Harp
Joe Dunlap: Electric Bass & Guitar
Wil Reeves: Saw


The other night she came walking into my life, I couldn’t believe what I saw
Her light auburn hair, Her eyes and her legs,
She frightened me till I felt raw
I could have screamed, I could have Cried out,
I could have run terrorized from room
But I stood there and watched as she walked away
and it couldn’t have been to soon
Oh No it couldn’t have been to soon

It’s the ones like this that creep me out, Those ones do me in every time
Why do I do this to myself, I must love being terrified
Oh yeah, I must love being terrified

Thinking back on that night I
see her again, Feels so real – though it’s just in my mind
Those eight shiny eyes, Those eight hairy legs, I’m feeling creepy and crawly inside
I tell myself that its only a memory, But still shivers run up my spine
I wish I could squash her but I can’t get that close, Cause they can jump and they might even fly
they can jump On Charlotte’s web they could fly

(repeat chorus)

My sister got a giant terrarium, Its planted in so beautiful plants
She was so excited to show it to me, She said “You’ll love it sis, You’ll be entrance”
She said “its Stanley’s home and he loves it” I said “Who’s Stanley?” as she reached inside
a big hairy Black spider climbed onto her hand, I couldn’t catch my breath I almost died
Oh yeah, I couldn't breathe you know I almost died

(repeat chorus)